Wholesome and tasty plant-based foods packed full of flavour to grab on the go or enjoy at home


We take great pride in the making of our products, and to make sure they’re as tasty as possible our lovely Chefs Thomas & Michelle use classic techniques throughout the cooking process. Starting with lightly roasting our spices to enhance their flavours, we then combine these with gently sweated onions and vegetables to fuse together all of their gorgeous flavours. For our meal bowls we slow cook each dish for two and a half hours to develop their flavours and textures, which has the added bonus of eliminating the need for artificial additives to flavour or thicken making all of our dishes natural, hearty and healthy. 🙂

kerala aubergine curry

A spicy, creamy dish inspired by South Indian cooking. Loaded with chunky aubergines, potatoes & tomatoes infused with coriander, chillies, & turmeric to pack a punch. Finished with creamy coconut milk, this dish feels super indulgent yet only 286 calories.

chickpea + butternut tagine

Infused with aromatic coriander and cumin, this bowl was influenced by North African cooking. Brimming with the rich textures of butternut squash and chickpeas, this replenishing meal is surprisingly only 400 calories.

chana palaK masala

Taking inspiration from traditional Indian cuisine, this chickpea and spinach curry is full of warming flavours, packed with delicious, rich-tasting textures.

green lentil dahl

Winner of 1* at the Great Taste Awards 2021! Slow cooked green lentils, tomatoes, and chillies, infused with lemongrass and fresh coriander. Warmed through with cumin and ginger, this dish is completed with creamy coconut milk and a dash of lime.


Our original range of vegan and vegetarian soups! Taking inspiration from global flavours, these warming, nourishing soups are made locally in Galway, West of Ireland. Packed with fresh veg and nutrients, they’ve even picked up an award along the way. 🙂


A classic take on an Italian favourite! Packed with tomatoes, chickpeas, butterbeans, and piles of veg, this soup is completed with green pesto, lime and oregano which bring all these flavours together.


Pinto and black turtle beans form the basis of this chipotle, paprika and cumin loaded Mexican bean soup; finished with a trio of red, yellow and green peppers to add a fusion of colours and flavours.


Creamed coconut is blended with chickpeas to form the basis of this award-winning soup. Star ingredients feature kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, + red chillies. Finished with cumin and turmeric to warm through and complete all the lovely flavours. 🙂