we’ve tried to answer all commonly asked questions, feel free to message us with anything we’ve missed! 🙂


how do you avoid using additives in your products?
We slow cook each dish for two and a half hours to develop their flavours and textures, which has the added bonus of eliminating the need for artificial additives to flavour or thicken making all of our dishes natural, hearty and healthy. 🙂
is all of your packaging recyclable?

Yes! All of our bowls – including the lids – have been made to be 100% recyclable. They are also dishwasher friendly for reuse!

Do you have sustainability initiatives?
We are always seeking new ways to cut carbon footprint, energy and food-waste, so much so that our efforts have been rewarded by our company being given the Bord Bia Origin Green Status.
Is Roots and Shoots an Independent brand?

Roots and Shoots is a Good Food Brand of Galmere Foods, who have been making great food in Galway since 1985.

do you source your produce locally?

We always source locally where we can dependant on the seasonal vegetables available to us, and enjoy building relationships with Irish growers, working together making great food within Ireland. 🙂

Are Your foods safe for allergy sufferers?

Yes! All our products are made in a certified nut free production kitchen, we also don’t use gluten on the premises.  Other potential allergens, such as celery, we make sure are always carefully labelled.

how do you ensure no cross contamination?

Cross contamination cannot happen if the production kitchen has zero tolerance. Everyone in our team contributes by not bring their own lunch or snack to work if it might contain any nut – even if it is not going anywhere near production! Due to these standards, our whole production is BRC AA accredited and audited. 🙂

where can i find your products?

Our products can be found at selected Tesco’s throughout Ireland, as well as Tesco’s Online Store. 

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via this page, or on chef@rootsandshoots.com. 🙂